Why American Barns May Be Better For Your Horses Than Traditional Barns

american barn advantages

You may be wondering if you should build your horses a Traditional Barn or an American Barn. At Jon William Stables, we know this can be a big decision; after all, it’s going to be your horses’ new house! We’ve gathered some information to help you decide.

American Barns fundamentally differ from Traditional Barns in that everything is kept under one roof. The interest and popularity of American Barns mainly arise from its convenience and ease of use. With this in mind, many view American Barns as a superior choice of a barn in comparison to Traditional Barns for your horses. Read below to find out why.

American Barns Lead To Improved Wellbeing For Your Horses

One of the prime advantages of American Barns is that they allow your horses to feel relaxed and stay happier. By integrating many or all of your horses into one barn, separated only by their own mini stalls, it becomes a lot easier for your horses to interact with one another. As a result, this reduces your horse’s feelings of isolation and enclosure. This is especially useful if you have a nervous horse/s that doesn’t like being kept away from other horses.

The benefit of this single structure is that it can help to strengthen your own relationship with your horses, as the unique set-up provided by American Barns can lead to your horses becoming more confident and comfortable when socialising.

American Barns Are More Hygienic

American Barns provide perfect ventilation, allowing air to travel around the whole structure and decreasing the likelihood of the disease spreading amongst your horses.

Furthermore, the covered nature of American Barns essentially allows you to operate in a drier climate away from the damp conditions and harsh winds that come with the winter season. While the investment in a fully fitted American Barn may be viewed as extreme, especially for a significant commitment, the hygiene and welfare of your horses make it all the more worthwhile.

American Barns Are More Practical

American Barn Tack Room

American Barns can be designed and constructed to your tastes and to whatever size is most suited to you and your horses. This allows you the flexibility to create that perfect social, relaxed and airy facility that you have always envisioned for your horses.

American Barns are also more practical as they create one central place for various tasks to be performed, including feeding, grooming and saddling. This increases efficiency in the day-to-day care of your horses.

American Barns Provide More Light

American Barns are usually decorated with a multitude of windows and doors, allowing plenty of natural light to seep through the whole barn. This creates a more vibrant space for your horses, and the improved airflow around the structure further aids and improves the comfort of your horses. Such a well-lit and open setting will result in your horses feeling much happier and more comfortable than in a Traditional Barn setting.

American Barn Uses

If you own many horses and are looking for a more convenient and practical home for them, an American Barn may well be the perfect solution for you. Here at Jon William Stables, our experienced team are on hand to help you with the various needs and requests that you may have surrounding American Barns. We take pride in our excellent craftsmanship and look forward to designing to our client’s bespoke needs.

If you are considering adding a beautiful American Barn to your property, please get in touch with one of our team members today.

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