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Concrete Bases & Groundwork

Providing you with an in-house Groundwork Service

Groundwork Service from Jon William Stables

Jon William Stables can provide you with an in-house Groundwork Service.

Our team not only has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to concreting but also vast experience in constructing our timber buildings, meaning we guarantee the building will marry to the concrete base perfectly.

Following a site visit to discuss your requirements, we will provide a detailed quotation for your project. After you accept the quote, we will advise you of a suitable start date on site and follow this installation with the construction of our buildings.

Further details are available by contacting our Team on 01380 850965 or completing our contact form.

"It's not as easy as it looks"

Concreting may look or sound easy but trust us, it isn’t; when laying a base for the livestock, you must use an agricultural concrete known as RC45. This type of concrete sets very quickly and can even catch the experts out. This can lead to hundreds of pounds of concrete and labour wasted. This is not the time to “have a go”; we recommend using experts in the field.