Security In Your Wooden Garage

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Any proud car owner’s worst nightmare is rust, especially Classic car owners. Rust is caused by moisture, and to ensure your vehicle’s best security, we will talk about the security of a Wooden Garage for housing your vehicle.

Keep the rust away

With multiple options on what material your garage could be built from, it is important to know what will provide the best security for the vehicles and belongings you plan to use the building for.

Building your garage from Bricks, Metal, or Glass could be a huge risk to your vehicles as these materials are not breathable and will contain condensation inside. Bricks, when wet, absorb a lot of water, especially from heavy rain. Metal and Glass will store the water on the surface of the materials.

However, Timber is a breathable material allowing the wood to dry out. Wooden Garages are the best option to protect your vehicles and keep them safe from rust.

Planning permission on your land

Not only do you want your cars secure, but you would want to make sure your building is secure with planning permission. In all but a few cases planning permission is needed to build on land to ensure the building is safe. Without planning permission, you could be at risk of local authorities wanting to take your building down.

Applying for planning permission can be stressful if you have not done this before. However, Jon William Stables offer a full planning permission service to apply for this for you, and all you must do is complete a form. This service comes with a 10-day turnaround and a 97% success rate.

Security in a Wooden Garage

At Jon William Stables, we offer a security pack for your wooden garage, providing you with peace of mind and a secure wood garage.

As someone who must keep their prized possession outside, the vehicle’s security always plays on your mind. Anyone who invests in a Wooden Garage for their car would want to make sure it is not accessible to anyone but themselves. Ensuring that you have the right security for the building is a must!

Rather than installing different locks all over the door, Jon William Stables provides a five-lever mortice lock and security bolted hinges backed with a galvanised steel plate; each will ensure your cars and belongings the highest level of security.

Simple and Secure Foundations

Wooden Garages only require a simple foundation to ensure that the building is secure in its place. Single, Double, or even Triple wooden garages only require a concrete slab as its foundation to distribute the weight of the cars inside the garage. Many other materials, such as Metal, would require a foundation that could support the walls’ weight.

Maintenance of a Wooden Garage in the UK

Keeping your wooden garage well-maintained is a good example of how to keep your building secure. The UK is known for its drastic weather changes, and based on this, you need to ensure your garage is maintained well.

Wooden Garages have very low maintenance and last well throughout weather changes. They are easy to paint over to update them to fit in well in their surroundings. If you were to paint a metal garage, the paint can crack and, over time, will peel, making it difficult and a longer process to freshen up.

Building Your Dream Garage

If you are looking at garage options and want to ensure your belongings stored inside are safe from intruders and the elements, a wooden garage should be at the top of your list.

At Jon William Stables, we’ve perfected our range of wooden garages to suit every need.

Ideal Range – The Ideal range offers high specification at an exceptional value (this includes wooden double garages).

Elite Range – The Elite Range offers your property a prestigious level of elegance and includes some of our bespoke ranges.

If you don’t see what you need, we also cater to bespoke designs for wooden garages. Speak to our team today to start planning your dream garage.

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