Benefits of Mobile Stables and Shelters

Timber Mobile Field Shelter

It’s important that horses spend a lot of their time outside which means investing in a good quality shelter is essential. They provide shelter from harsh weather such as wind, rain, snow in winter and protection from the sun in the summer. Additionally, mobile field shelters are highly versatile and can be placed anywhere in your field. Here we run through some more benefits of having a mobile field shelter.

Great for if you lease your horse’s pasture

Not everyone owns the field where they keep their horses and instead choose to rent pastures. This can mean getting a static stable or a shelter isn’t an option at times. Mobile stables are a great choice in these circumstances as they aren’t built into the field and can be moved about or taken away if necessary.  

No Planning Permission Needed

Acquiring planning permission can take a long time and can be an exhausting process. There are usually specific regulations that need to be factored in, and if something goes wrong, it may get into the way of the planned design, timing of the project and you may even end up cancelling the plan.

With mobile field buildings, this isn’t typically something you need to worry about. Mobile shelters and stables are designed as temporary fixtures which can be moved or taken away as needed, there’s no groundwork or cement work involved. This means often planning permission isn’t necessary.

If you are however planning to build a new stable or shelter, static or mobile, ensure you contact your local authority for the latest policy and instructions.

If you are unsure if your project requires planning permission or need support acquiring one, at Jon William Stables we offer a full planning service. Please visit our site to learn more about the service.

You can move as needed

Weather conditions can change drastically and unexpectedly. What seemed like the perfect weatherproof spot for a shelter one day can be the worst-hit area the next. With a mobile stable, you can quickly move it depending on the weather conditions.

You can move your shelter to an area with more shade in the summer, face it away from the wind, or move it to a grassier area in wet, muddy weather.

Likewise, most animals, including horses, have their favourite spots to relax. You can move the shelters, depending on their preference. If you don’t yet know their favourite spot, take some time to observe them daily and see where they often like to stay.


If you have a couple of horses who need an affordable shelter, mobile shelters are known as one of the most cost-effective options. Static stables generally require a lot more groundwork, and then there’s planning permission. There is a lot of time, planning and money that goes into building one.

Mobile field shelters are much simpler to construct and are ready to be used as soon as they arrive. It’s also a great option if you want to add additional stabling for your horses. They also tend to be a little smaller with less abrasive materials that need regular maintenance, which means they’re easier to look after and keep in good condition.


Most people assume that mobile shelters are more fragile and require a lot of maintenance, but in fact, mobile field shelters are robust and can withstand harsh conditions.

These shelters are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and constantly move about. Jon Williams Stables have been building mobile field shelters since 2001; we invest in only the highest quality timber and material to create the most robust units, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of a mobile shelter and have confidence you have a shelter built to last.

If you think you and your horses could benefit from mobile stables or shelters, we offer a range of buildings with different specifications and pricing to suit your needs.

Get in touch with Jon William Stable’s experts today to discuss your requirements and let us help you build ideal mobile stables or shelters fit for you and your horses!

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