Wooden Garages: Size Guide for Various Uses

Wood vs metal garage

A quality wooden building can provide an attractive space to shelter your vehicles or large garden tools, prove a productive space for a workshop or home office, and can even create a cosy place for a game room or movie room.

While there are many uses for wooden garages, there are also many options available and Jon William Stables understands it may be hard to decide what size and style best suits your needs. Not to mention you’ll need to consider your budget and how much space you have to work with.

In this blog, we shine some light on the different types of wooden garages, size recommendations, and give some examples of bespoke designs to spark some ideas for your own garage.

Wooden Garage Size Guide

The great thing about wooden garages is that they can be flexible in terms of design and functionality, be that a standalone timber garage or a garage that is integrated into an already standing structure. Here are our size recommendations for different types of wooden garages.
*Note that these are general size recommendations and that every situation can be made bespoke to your unique needs to be either smaller or bigger.

  • One car garage or storage area – 3.0m x 7.2m
  • Two car garage or garden shed – 7.2m x 6.0m
  • Three car garage or large garden tool storage – 10.8m x 6.0m
  • Wooden Workshop/Workspace Size Guide

Wooden garages don’t have to be strictly for parking. Bring the ultimate ‘man cave’ dreams to life by making your new garage into an organised workspace or workshop. Lots of men use the garage for hobbies and exercise already; what’s stopping you or your partner? And ladies, a garage workshop is a quick and cost-effective method to shift the mess out of the house and regain that valuable living space!

  • Small home office – 3.0m x 7.2m
  • Man Cave – 7.2m x 6.0m
  • Large woodwork shop 10.8m x 6.0m

There are ENDLESS opportunities to use a workshop for – create a relaxing yoga studio, crafting workspace, or even a summerhouse perfect for reading your favourite books.

Do I need planning permission for a wooden garage or workshop?

You may be thinking this all sounds fine and dandy, but do I need to get planning permission to build either of these? Most garden buildings do not require planning permission, but there are some exceptions depending on your property and its location. We deal with planning permission frequently and would be happy to give you advice on your new garage. Feel free to get in touch through the planning permission form on the right-hand side of this page.

Bespoke wooden garage features

Part of our passion at Jon William Stables is creating high-quality wooden buildings bespoke for our clients’ needs. Take a look at some of the features we’ve created in the past – it may spark some ideas for your own garage or new workshop!

Garage/RaceBay/Loft Combo

Horse Box Garage & Hay Barn

Carport and double garage complex

Garden Office

Bike store garage

Workshop with double glazed windows

Carriage house and storage stables

Full ‘turnkey’ service from Jon William Stables

At Jon William Stables, we are proud to provide a full turnkey service with every wooden garage or workshop we craft. What does that mean? We provide all the services that your building requires – planning permission, construction, plumbing, and electricity. When we are finished with your building, it’s move-in ready.

We have been meeting our clients’ unique needs for bespoke wooded garages for over 50 years. We take pride in the skill, craftsmanship, and good, old-fashioned values we bring to our services. If you’re thinking about building a workshop or wooden garage, give us a call us at 01380 850 965.


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