Wooden Garages Maintenance Tips

wooden garage

Wooden garages are becoming increasingly popular in contrast to concrete and metal garages. Wooden garages have a more elegant design and gives a more natural and traditional finish to your home. Jon William Stables build garages using only top-grade timbers and even this high-quality timber will require regular care and maintenance.

Regularly maintenance on your wooden garages not only keeps it looking beautiful but also makes it last for a more extended period. Proper care will keep your garages protected from water damage, UV radiation, air infiltration, rodents, and insects. It will also ensure whatever supplies you are keeping inside your garages are safe and sound.

Maintaining your wooden garage

Here we have listed some simple yet crucial tips on how to maintain your wooden garages and keep them in a great condition for longer:

  1. Firstly, check to see that your locks are working properly. The safety of your belongings is of utmost priority, so it is always important to check that your locks do not have any damages and are durable. Also, ensure that your windows and doors are properly fitted and that there are no loose screws or damaged parts.
  2. Clean your garages every two to three months. Use clean water to remove dirt, stains, and grease, wipe them with a wet cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Windows and doors must also be cleaned often to avoid rusts and other unnecessary substances being collected.
  3. Regularly check for damages. If you spot damage to your timber, fix it as quickly as possible. If you spot any cracks, fill it immediately with fillers and putty. Also, make sure to check for damages in the roof and ceiling. If ignored, it can cause water leaks which can create mould growth, attracting more pests and insects.
  4. To ensure that your doors and windows are working well, clean and lubricate the hardware such as metal rollers, hinges, and tracks with 3 in one oil. But make sure that the oil is not applied to any nylons and plastic parts.
  5. If you have big plant hedges or trees around your garage, make sure to trim them regularly. It is best to avoid building your garages around trees and plants as this can damage your garage structure and increase water access which can be equally harmful to wooden timbers.
  6. Install and regularly check insulations in your garages. Well-fitted insulation will protect your garage from cold damp winter and scorching hot summer days.
  7. Your garage will need re-sanding and re-painted every 3 to 5 years. This will keep them looking brand new and help shield it from damages created by harsh weather and insects.
  8. Lastly, if you are in a mood to add new features to your garage’s interior, think about building shelves, keeping things organised and in its right place can make a big difference to how your garage looks.

double wooden garage

We hope that these tips have given you a little bit of guidance on how you can keep your garages looking new and beautiful.
If you are looking to find a perfect wooden garage for your home, we at Jon William Stables have a variety of options available. Contact our office at 01380 850 965 or email us on slaes@j-w-s.co.uk to find out more.

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