Wooden Garages: A Design Guide

interior design of a wooden garage

There are a variety of shape, sizes, and style of garages available in the market, and it can be quite tricky to make the right choice. For instance, what building material should you choose? Wood? Concrete? Steel? Wood is always our first choice, and here’s why:


  • Wooden garages can be more than just a car parking space; you can use them to keep other household goods, such as gardening equipment and your seasonal decorations.
  • It has a simple foundation which means it is less costly and requires less time to build. The installation of a wooden garage can be quickly done over the weekend – whereas concrete or metal garages can take longer as they require other foundations.
  • You can style it your way – wooden garages are more natural to paint over – redecorating is an easy thing to do! You can decorate the interior to fit your needs and exterior to go with your home/ garden.
  • And lastly, they are relatively low maintenance. If there is any damage to the structure, it can be easily fixed or replaced, unlike concrete or steel.

So, if you have decided that a wooden garage is an ideal pick for your home, here is a simple guide which can help you build and look after one.

a well taken care of wooden garage

Things to Consider When Designing your Wooden Garage

Wood and other materials

The materials used to build the garage can be the foundation to its sturdy yet presentable exterior. Some of the most common types of woods used are Redwood, Plywood, Pine and Cedar. Each of these varies in quality and longevity; therefore, it is crucial to do your research or consult with an expert to find the best option. The quality of the timber you choose can be critical when it comes to building a durable and long-lasting garage. If chosen correctly, it will prevent future damage such as rotting, mould and termite infestations. Investing in a high-quality timber can ensure that your garage avoids the need for constant renovation and restorations and stands for a more extended period.

Roof styles

There are several roofing designs which can add distinct character to your garage. Gable End roof is a simple yet popular design. It has two roof surfaces being joined at the ridgeline creating a triangular-shape at either end of the building. This design will help shed rain and snow, and at the same time, it will provide an extra headspace. The Hipped End Roof is another common type of roof with a ridge over a portion of the roof creating two polygons and two triable sides. It provides a more unique yet stylish design to your garage.

Additionally, you can add stylish felt shingles – made of glass fibre-based bitumen – they come in various shapes including square, rectangle and hexagon shape, as well as in multiple colours. These felt shingles give a waterproof feature to your roof and are designed to protect against extreme weather which makes your garage more durable and long-lasting. Although slightly costly, they do not need to be replaced or continuously fixed; hence it is a great way to protect your garage while giving it a more pleasing look.

carriage house wooden garage with a clock tower

Garage doors and windows

Well-built garage doors and windows will not only last for a more extended period but also safeguard your belongings. Well designed and fitted doors will provide thermal insulation, keeping your space dry and comfortable. Various types of locks and hinges can be fitted for different levels of security. Fortunately, our team at Jon William Stables provides a well-rounded security pack – visit our garage and workshop page to find out more.

There are different types of garage doors you can choose from; the most used are side-hinged doors and up-and-over doors. Other options include roller doors, sectional garage doors and remote-controlled doors for easy usage.

Double-glazed windows can also be a great way to protect your belongings against the temperature outside. They keep the warmth inside during the colder seasons and prevent the heat from entering during the hot months, and you always have the option to open them for the air to drift through.

Features for Extra Protection

If well cared for, wooden garages can last for more than 10 years. However, you will need to look for common types of wood damage such as; moulding and rotting (“wet rot”), termite damage, carpenter ant damage, dry rot damage (brown rot), powder post beetle damage, and stains and discolourations.
For extra protection against these damages, there are numerous features which can be fitted to your garage. For instance, installing a highly durable rainwater skirt can prevent water ingress during the rainy season. It avoids the rain overflow, which may prevent leakage and the water from entering the building.

Additionally, while building a garage, it is vital to accurately install a damp proof course as it is one of the most critical factors to keeping your garage damp free.

Also, ensure you can apply high-quality wood preserver annually; this not only protects, but also treats the wood against termites, ants, beetles, and fungi.


While it is vital to get the garage exterior right, the interior of your garage can be just as important as it will determine how you want to use your space. Adding extra features, such as shelves and cabinets, can make your space more organised. This way, all your garage/car equipment and tools are organised in one area and out of reach for the little ones.

Lastly, additional features can also be added to give your garage a bit of personality. The experts at Jon William Stables offer optional features such as clock towers, dormer gables, coloured onduline, felt shingles and more. Visit our page to find out more or give us a ring on 01380 850 965 to consult with our experts who will help you build a perfect garage for your home.

stable and wooden garage duo

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