The days are getting shorter, darker, and colder, which can only mean one thing, winter is here! As we prepare for colder months with our heaters, and warm blankets, let's not forget about our horses and where they will be staying throughout winter.

We have put together a list of things to help you prepare your stables for winter. They will not only ensure that your horses are safe and healthy throughout winter but will also help you keep your stables well-maintained throughout the colder seasons.

1. Deep clean
In winter our horses are most likely to stay indoors in their stable. If the stable environment is lacking, then this will lead to unwanted health problems such as respiratory issues. We recommend giving it a good deep clean. If you haven't already, this second lockdown is an excellent time to strip the stable completely and pressure-wash the rubber mats, floor, and the walls with a good disinfectant and allow it to dry completely.
If your rubber mats are broken, make sure to fix them. And if you currently don't have a rubber mat, make sure to get one, as they will keep your horses' hooves off the cold floor.

2. Check and fix damaged lightings
Now that the evenings are getting darker quicker, ensuring good lightings across the stable walkways is important for everyone's safety. Do a quick walk through the stables to see if you need to replace any blown out lightings. Have backup battery-operated torches or lanterns in case there are power cuts.

3. Fix any holes, cracks, and damages
Fixing these will stop the cold drafts from entering the stables keeping your horses warm during the cold winter months. Also, make sure to check the roof for any leaks.

4. Thoroughly clean the gutters/ downspouts and make sure to check them regularly for damages
Heavy rain and storms may block the gutters resulting in water being redirected elsewhere. Water could be collecting in unwanted places, leading to poor living conditions for horses and cause damages to your stable.

5. Good insulation and ventilation
A well-insulated stable will keep you well prepared for a harsh winter. However, insulated barns require adequate ventilation even during winter as the stable will be more tightly sealed. See that all your windows and doors open and shut correctly and that the locks are working well.
*Keep a thermometer in the stables to stay informed.

6. Stock up on handy tools and essentials
Be prepared with plenty of essentials and tools you may need for the winter. Tools such as snow shovels, lamps, containers, and rock salt will have you prepared for rainy and snowy days. Also, make sure you have plenty of forage prepared for your horses.

Other things you may want to stock up on are bed shavings for your horses for extra warmth, first aid kits in case of injuries, extra food and treats for your horses, and extra feed buckets in case they get damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

We hope these tips will help you keep your horses safe and healthy during the colder season.
The key is to plan and start preparing early. So if you haven't already prepared your stables for winter, better get started now before harsher weather conditions arrive!

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