Why Timber is the Best Materials for Stables


When choosing materials for your horse stables, barns, or shelters, there are many options available. The most common are timber, brick, or steel. However, at Jon William Stables, we firmly believe that good quality timber equestrian buildings are the best option.

When building a shelter for your horses, there are several things you need to consider, such as the horse’s health, comfortability, maintenance, safety, durability, and appearance. Keep reading to find out how timber buildings meet all these requirements!

Here at Jon William Stables, working with timber buildings for over 50+ years, our team has learned a thing or two about what options are available to fulfil your needs and requirements. Book a quick call with us by filling a contact form, and our friendly team members will be more than happy to give you a ring back.

Now, here is why we believe timber triumphs over all other materials.

1. Stylish and Presentable Buildings

Timber buildings give that natural, timeless aesthetic feeling. Visually it blends in with the natural setting much better than steel or a concrete building.

You can paint the exterior and interior, add additional features such as clock towers or weathervanes, and design the layout and the structure the way you feel is best suited for you and your horses. They are also available in many different sizes and can be customised with different lofts, floors, doors, and more.

At Jon William Stables, we provide bespoke design service for all our ranges, including stables, barns, and field shelters. Visit our bespoke range page to learn more.

2. Quick and efficient building process

From designing to building and constructing, timber buildings are quicker and more flexible to work with. As they are portable and can be constructed either in the facility or on-site, they are pretty easy to work with- this means easier to manage, less stress, and shorter timescales.

3. Cost-effective

Even with the recent rise in the cost of timber due to shortages, timber is one of the most cost-effective materials compared to steel, bricks, and concrete.

If made from good quality wood, timber buildings are known to last over 25 years with a good treatment programme and regular maintenance. In addition to that, if damaged, they are easy to fix or find a replacement.

4. Comfortability for Horses

Timber is not only durable but also the best choice for the horse’s comfortability. They are a natural insulator and hygroscopic, meaning the building is not confined as it exchanges air and moisture from the outside.

Dissimilar to materials like bricks and steel, it keeps the environment pleasant and cosy for horses. It provides natural insulation meaning more warmth during winter and cooler temperature during summer- this means you will require less energy to heat or cool the buildings. They are equally cost-effective, eco-friendly, and provide good comfort for your horses.

Now that we have spoken about all the benefits of having a timber building let’s look at a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure its longevity.

Timber buildings can be vulnerable to seasonal climates such as humid, cold, and damp weather. These can result in the wood contracting and expanding, which can potentially damage them over time.

You can use different approaches to ensure that your wooden building is protected, such as using weatherproof coatings regularly, ensuring you use high-quality cured woods, checking for signs of decay and moulds, using preventive measures immediately, and installing good ventilation system.

Cleaning and maintaining the buildings are as crucial for buildings stability. Firstly, ensure that the floors are cleaned daily. Wooden stables can be prone to rotting and decay if not cleaned and left with moisture.

Also, make sure to clean the lightings and ceiling areas to remove dust, insects, and spider cobs and paint the building with anti-bacterial paint to ensure your horses live in a healthy environment.

Clean and maintain windows and doors often for good ventilation. Good ventilation ensures a good cycle of fresh air coming in and out of the building. It is important to provide a good airflow of fresh air as it helps keep out unwanted moisture, heat, dust, and ammonia.

– Lastly, make sure that any damage, wear, and tears are taken care of immediately before getting bigger. It prevents further damage and makes sure that your building is looking good, as well as prevents any unnecessary injuries to you and your horses.

Many horse owners often select timber buildings as the best options for their horses. They are visually appealing, durable, and lasts for years to come, easy to maintain, and a comfortable option for your horses. You can even additional ad features and create your bespoke design to fit your requirements!

If we have convinced you to purchase a timber building for your horses’, whether a stable, American barn, field shelter or a bespoke building, why not get in touch with us on 01380 850 965. Or, if you are not quite sure yet but are slightly tempted, have a look at our stables and shelter ranges here.

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