What is an American Barn, and Why invest in it?


American Barns are a popular alternative to traditional timber stabling. These are larger buildings that include everything under one roof and are most popular amongst those who own several horses and require a spacious, comfortable, and sociable environment.

The building allows you to conveniently fit everything under one roof, with everything arranged around the central passageway. They are incredibly convenient with the advantage of having your stabling and working areas such as tack room, feed storage, offices, and more, all under one roof.

Four key Advantages of American Barns

1. Convenient layout

Due to its layout and features such as high roofs, fitted back door, large windows, and open space, the building allows for greater ventilation, plenty of light, and air. The air can travel along the central passageway, meaning a dry environment, better air quality, and less chance for diseases and infections to spread.

You will enjoy a dry and warm environment during cold and rainy seasons, and cooler during the hot summer months.

2. Safe and secure

As the American barns are larger and more spacious, all items and equipment will have its own home. This means less chance of any accidental trips and falls for you and fewer scratches and scrapes for your horses.

3. Easier for stable management

You can incorporate plenty of extra features to your American Barns for convenience and easier stable management. From tack rooms, feed storage, farrier bays, riding and grooming equipment storage room, wash stalls to even toilets and personal offices, you can incorporate plenty of extra rooms and areas in your American barn as long as your local building control allows. 

Due to this convenient layout everything becomes easier for stable management, especially during winter months where there is no need for you to travel in and out of your barns/ stables to get grooming tools, hays, and feed, grooming equipment and such.

4. Good environment for happy horses

American Barns are known to make horses happier and more relaxed. Due to individual stabling separated by openings, horses are free to see, socialise and groom each other. This prevents horses from feeling stressed or, anxious due to isolation and loneliness.

Now we know what American Barns is, how does it different from the traditional stables? Let’s have a look.

Traditional stables are single stable or several stables next to each other, each one with a door that opens out directly to a yard. This type of building allows horses to be housed separately.

There are many benefits of getting a traditional stable such as:

– Individual stables are easier clean and disinfect

– Lowers the risk of any cross infections

– It can easily be converted into a tack, feed storage, and other rooms.

– You can wake up or look after each horse without disturbing another.

– Allows you to monitor ill horses who need to be looked after easily.

American Barns vs. Traditional Stables

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Traditional Stables or American Barns. It all comes to two main things- your horse’s needs and wellbeing, and how you as a horse owner like to manage your stable.

At Jon William Stables, we understand that each horse owner will have different preferences to how they want their horses living environment to be like. We love to see our owners care for and treat their horses well, and to support that, we do our best to accommodate your needs and requirements, whether that means building you a Traditional Stable, an American Barn, a Field Shelters or something more bespoke.

If you have any questions regarding which building is best suited for your need, give our friendly team here at Jon William Stables a call, who would be more than happy to guide you.

Jon William Stable’s Ideal and Elite Range American Barns

At Jon William Stables, we have two ranges of American Barns, Ideal and Elite Range, each comes with their own benefits.

Ideal Range

With our Ideal American Barns, you will proudly own a traditional equestrian barn at affordable pricing.

This range features a lined Onduline roof that provides a cooler environment in the summer and warmth during winter, which is essential for the comfort and safety of your horses.

We offer softwood timber internal sections or galvanized steel with softwood inserts, each with side hung bottom doors. Click here to see more of our Ideal range of American barns.

Elite Range

Elite American barns are our most prestigious range offering. It includes larger wall timbers and additional height, side canopies, and sliding entrance doors for both convenience and robustness.

With a Victorian-style internal section with hardwood inserts, you will find our building specification provides an ornate finish.

Ventilation is provided by louver windows to the rear of each stable and gable end ventilators. Click here to see more of our Elite range barns.

Bespoke Range

Lastly, for those looking for a unique and special design, we provide a bespoke service for all our buildings. Contact our equestrian building experts and tells us all about your specifics and requirements. Browse our Bespoke American barns gallery here.

Jon William Stables was one of the first in the UK to manufacture American Barns. With 30+ years of experience and expertise, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of these large and highly versatile buildings. Learn more about our American Barns and other timber building ranges by downloading our 2021 brochure or visit our American Barn and Stables page. Alternatively, contact our friendly team at 01380 850 965 for further guide and support, or fill out the contact form here.

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