Top 5 Advantages of Wooden Garages

wooden garage

If you think of the advantages that a wooden garage brings, the list is endless. Why? Because of the flexibility, it offers. A wooden garage can act as a shed, be stored for household and gardening goods, or even act as a zen room for yoga or serve as a workshop for the crafters. With so much potential, wooden garages may have more to offer than you think in comparison with metal or other material types.

In the UK, wooden garages have been popular throughout the years. Here are the top five reasons why:

Simple Foundation

Unlike metal or concrete garages, wooden garages only require a single concrete slab as a foundation. The single concrete slab is required because it plays an important role in distributing the weight of the car evenly on the ground. For heavier garages, the foundations would also need to support the weight of the walls themselves. This translates to your wooden garage being more cost-effective by saving both time and money.

Natural Insulator

The number one advantage of building with wood is that it is a great natural insulator. Unlike metal or concrete, garages made from timber will naturally keep things at warmer temperatures. Wood makes it simple to convert your garage into a fully-fledged workshop for your hobbies or repair works. This comes as a benefit because, unlike metal garages, where any holes punched into the garage walls for electric cables risk rot, a wooden garage will not affect the insulating properties.

Simple Installation

If you decide to install a wooden garage yourself, you could do so with ease over a weekend. Wooden garages are easier to install and finish than any other material type. Metal garages take a much longer time to install, mainly because of the deep foundations.

Quick replacement of damaged parts

The flexibility of a wooden garage comes with the ability to change any damaged parts easily. Damaged segments can be replaced with other bits of wood, restoring the functionality of the garage. On the other hand, mending a broken or rotten metal shed will be significantly more complicated.

A wooden garage that is well cared for can easily last for up to 15 years. If you choose timber that is thoroughly pressure-treated as a basic construction material, you will be able to enjoy your wooden garage for a lifetime. Speak to Jon William Stables to discuss more options.

Low maintenance

Wooden garages are easy to paint over and can be much simpler to update. With a metal garage, the paint may begin to peel, and you will need to remove the flakes of paint before applying any new coats. Wooden garages require little yearly maintenance – this is a great advantage when time, money and low maintenance aspects are considered.

We have mentioned only a few advantages of wooden garages over metal and concrete ones. What’s for sure is that options like a timber garage are not only affordable but a great lifelong investment with low ongoing maintenance. See for yourself! Contact Jon William Stables – we’re proud wooden garage experts in the UK with more than 50 years of experience.

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