Tips To Ensure That Your Stables Remain In Peak Condition

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Keep it clean.

The first, and most important, tip in ensuring that your stable remains in peak condition is rather simple: keep it clean. A regular clean of your stable is an integral part of not just maintaining the health of your horses, but also the life of your stable structure. Wooden and timber stables are prone to rot and mould if unclean conditions are present, or if it is damp and moist. Therefore, it is imperative for you to clean your stables regularly, and there are numerous cleaning products available to help you.

Clean Stable with HorseHorses in Stables

Keep an eye on the structure of your stables.

With spring approaching, it is a common occurrence for flaws in the structure of your stables to start appearing as a result of the harsh winter conditions. These can range from cracks to leaks. Minor flaws can be quickly rectified at minimal cost, but if left for too long damage may well create further problems down the line. The key is to ensure that the condition of your stables is thoroughly assessed so that possible problems can be sorted out as quickly as possible.

Monitor your front doors.

As a horse owner, stable security will always be one of your highest priorities. Ensuring that your stable is secured by a strong front door is always a good starting point. Generally, for stables, the front doors are generally very large, so need to be of quality material which avoids rust and stiffness, and be carefully monitored to ensure that your horses’ safety is not in doubt. It goes without saying that the front doors should always be shut after entry and exit to ensure that your horses’ cannot escape and possibly put themselves and others in danger.

Maintain good air quality.

louvre window in stables

It can be forgotten that air quality is as important to horses as it is to us. The air quality we take for granted in our homes normally arises from good maintenance standards. The installation of an air flow system can ensure that the air quality in your stable is good and consistent over time. However, if this expense is an issue then following simple steps, like storing bedding and hay outside of stables to reduce the dust generated, can be a good place to start.

Keeping your stables in good condition is certainly one of the fundamentals of being a horse owner. We hope these tips have provided you with enough food for thought on how to improve your horses’ living space.


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