The Top Equestrian Products That You Should Invest In

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Here we discuss 4 equestrian products that you should consider investing in. These include horse rugs, treats and concentrates, grooming kits and leg boots.

Horse Rugs 

A horse rug can be viewed as an essential product for your horses for a variety of reasons. This product is typically used to keep your horses warm while it can also be used to protect them from harsh weather conditions, such as rain and strong winds. Additionally, they are also used to ensure that your horses are kept clean. The apparent flexibility of horse rugs along with their numerous benefits certainly suggests that this would be a wise purchase to make. Moreover, there are many different varieties of horse rugs for you to choose from. These include turnout rugs, exercise sheets, fleece rugs and stable rugs, which all cater for different occasions and situations. With the existence of many varieties of horse rugs, there is sure to be a horse rug that is well suited to your horse.

Horse wearing a horse rug

Treats and Concentrates

Natural pasture grass and dry hay play a predominant role in your horses’ diets. But in order to create balance in the diet of your horses, treats and concentrate mixes should play a role. Like humans, your horses are also allowed to indulge in treats every now and then. This can be in the form of apples, carrots and other forms of fruits and vegetables. However, it is important to note that treats should be fed in little amounts since it only forms a small part of your horses’ diet. Concentrates are also a useful feed as it can help to make up for any shortfalls in your horses’ nutrition by acting as a quick source of energy. Examples of concentrates include grains, seeds, molasses, vitamins and minerals. Providing your horses with treats and concentrates ensures that their diets are not solely dominated by the natural pastures, making these products a wise purchase to make.

Grooming Kits

Grooming is certainly needed in order to protect the skin and the coat of your horses. It is a must that your horses are groomed regularly to ensure that they are kept clean, while it also provides an opportunity for you to assess their health. Therefore, the acquisition of a grooming kit would allow your horses to receive the best quality daily care from yourselves. A simple brush can act as a brilliant way for you to either build a bond or strengthen the existing bond that you already have with your horses. The fact is that a grooming kit can not only protect your horses’ skin but also allows you to spend more quality time with your horses which definitely sounds like an investment that would be worthwhile.

horse winter coat

Leg Boots

Leg boots are a useful means of ensuring that your horses have appropriate leg protection when they go about their activities. Leg boots are able to provide help in protecting the structures of your horses’ legs, such as the tendons and ligaments, from injury. This product would be especially useful for horses that participate in physical competitions, where they are more prone to pick up injuries, although all horses are prone to injuring themselves irrespective of the differences in their workloads. The acquisition of leg boots provides a means of ensuring that your horses have a reduced likelihood of obtaining major injuries in their legs.

The 4 products mentioned above certainly have many benefits attached for both you and your horse, and should definitely be considered for purchase. We hope that this advice has provided you with a better understanding of the main equestrian products available that are worthy of investment.

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