Provide your Horse with the Best: Jon William Stables Field Shelters

Jon William Stables Field Shelters

Here at Jon William Stables, we believe they do. We’d like to see you and your horse happy and healthy. Whether that be in the fields or in the stables, we are dedicated to doing our part by providing you, and your horse, with quality equestrian buildings.

Why Does your Horse Need a Jon William Stables Field Shelter?


Although a field shelter seems like a simple construction, it must be stable and strong enough to withstand the elements, such as strong winds. Otherwise, there could be a serious danger of injury. At Jon William Stables, we have successfully been constructing static and mobile field shelters for 25 years. That means your field shelter will come with 25 years of experience.

Bespoke to your design, your field shelter can be situated on a sturdy concrete base or our unique foundation pack, which offers a good solid footing for your field shelter. The wind or rain won’t be taking it anywhere!

“Thanks, Matthew for the field shelter. Last night threw a violent storm over it and this morning all still standing and no leaks from what I can see. Very good team on the job, thank you.”- Sara


For the most part, as we discussed in our Stall Vs Stables blog, horses are happier and healthier left in the fields than in stables. What about rain, snow, hot, or freezing weather, you ask? Our field shelters are designed to provide warmth and dryness for your horse in the winter, and shade in the summer – while allowing your horse to spend as much time as it wishes in the open field.


Not only will it provide shelter for your horse, but it is a great place to keep feed and water to protect them from the elements. During summer months your grass may suffer – by keeping hay in the field shelter your horse can keep up its normal nutrition. Water left in the sun on hot summer days will become stagnant and unhealthy – a field shelter can provide the shade it needs to keep cool water around on hot summer days for your horse. 

Our field shelters come in a wide range of sizes and designs, all bespoke to your requirements. Make it mobile or static, match other equestrian buildings on your property, and have that unique touch you want with Jon William Stables.

Unlike our competitors, our Ideal range mobile shelters and stables offer additional features not usually associated with moveable buildings. We offer a larger overhang, and the added benefit of a lined Onduline roof for additional strength, and longevity.

“At every stage, from the boss to the construction team, I have had nothing but help and support with all decisions and nothing appears to have been too much trouble for them – right down to the lovely team who had to work in somewhat less than ideal conditions erecting the building in a muddy field!” 
Carol, Berkshire

Ready to turn your horse loose with their new field shelter? Get in touch with us today! Visit the contact page, or give us call as 01380 850965.

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