Our Favourite Uses for Wooden and Timber Garages

When you think of a wooden garage, you probably imagine a dusty old place to park your car or store those belongings you don’t ever use, but just can’t seem to get rid of!

Well, over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with different clients creating bespoke designs for their timber garage needs. Here are a few of our favourite uses!

Horsebox Garage & Hay Barn

horsebox garage

Robust and efficient, we were able to meet this client’s needs with a bespoke hay barn and horsebox garage combination.

Slate Roofing & Loft with a Race Bay & Preparation Area

Race Car Garage

race bay garagewooden garge unique

wooden garage loft

Not your everyday equestrian needs, but we especially enjoyed building this unique garage workshop/loft combo!

Bespoke Tank Garage

military tank in wooden garagewooden garage for military tank

Because when you have a military tank, it deserves the likes of a beautiful timber garage for its home!

Olympic Bobsleigh Garage

olympic bobsleigh in wooden garagewooden garage for olympic bobsleigh

You’ve probably always wondered where the Olympic bobsleighers store their bobsleighs. Now you know.

Donkey Stable & Garage Duo

Donkey stable and wooden garage combination

We loved the western feel the oak cladding brought to this donkey stable and garage combination.

Tractor Barn & Double Garage

double wooden garage with tractor barn attachedtractor barn and double wooden garage

Big, small, tractor, trailer – whatever it is you need to store we are able to design and build a bespoke solution catered to your needs.

Single Classic Car Garage with Breathable Membrane Lining

classic car wooden garage storageclassic car wooden garage

Only the best for the classics. It would be a crime if this car didn’t have the proper cover it deserves!

Workshop & Trailer Store Duo

trailer storage attached to wooden garage

Instead of rusting in the field, this client now has a safe place for his trailer with this stylish trailer storage and workshop duo.

Double Wooden Garage, Lean-To Log Store, and Stable 

double wooden garage with a lean-to log storage and stables attached

The triple threat, as we like to call it. Not only did these horses get a new home but we also built a double wooden garage and stuck a lean-to in the middle to make sure they had space for anything else they need to store.

Garden Garage

shedwooden garden garage for tools

How many of us have a garage that is full of gardening tools and who knows what else, while the car is parked outside? We’ve designed space optimising solutions for our clients by building bespoke garden garages and attached lean-to’s and/or carports.

Home Office/Workshop

 home office in gardentimber home office

Just a few steps from your doorstep, these home offices and wooden workshops are a simple, efficient, and an attractive addition to any home.

Wooden Garages and Timber Workshops by Jon William Stables

We have been meeting our clients’ unique needs for a bespoke wood garage for over 50 years. We take pride in the skill, craftsmanship, and good, old-fashioned values we bring to our services. If you’re thinking about building a workshop, garage, storage house, or gardening shed, get in touch with one of our staff today. Call us now on 01380 850 965.

No fussing about – when we’re done with a job, it’s move in ready. Full ‘turnkey’ service provided with planning permission, construction, plumbing, and electricity.

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