Features to Make your American Barn Unique

western american barn

While any barn’s main purpose should be to create a healthy living environment for your horses, there are reasons outside of horses that you may want to consider building an American Barn versus any other equine shelter for your horse.

For instance – a beautifully crafted bespoke American barn will instantly raise the property value of your home. With American Barns, you have the freedom to choose any floorplan with the advantage of having everything under one roof. Maybe you want to add on a lean-to-hay barn, a chicken run, or give your barn a stable twist with double stable doors? All easily done by creating a bespoke American Barn design with Jon William Stables. Here are some of our favourite ways we’ve made clients American Barns unique to them:

American Barn with Chicken Run Attached

american barn with chicken run attached

As we said – all under one roof! We can design your barn to include a home for all of your animals, even the chickens.

American Barn with Double Stable Doors


Put a traditional twist on your American barn with double stable doors. They’re useful when you want to keep the chickens out but still have some airflow!

American Barn with an Extended Canopy

extended canopy on american barn 

Extended canopies give you that extra little bit of protection from the elements. Not only that, but they look great too!

American Barn with Sliding Door

 sliding door for american barn

Sliding doors are preferable if you imagine you’ll be keeping your barn open a majority of the time.

American Barn with Tack Room and Locked Room

 lockable tack room

Having a tack room under the same roof as your horses is one of the simple things in life everyone should have! Design yours large or small, and with our tack room security pack, you also have the option to keep it all under lock and key.

American Barn with Hay Barn Attached

 american barn with hay barn connected

With the hay barn attached to the American barn, you won’t have to lug bales of hay far anymore.

Clock Tower for American Barn

optional clock tower for american barns 

Give your American Barn some extra charm with a clock tower of your choice.

Sun tiles inside American Barn

 american barn suntiles

We have designed a unique roof structure allowing us to incorporate polycarbonate triple wall bronze roof sheets into a felt shingle roof. What this means is you can have an attractive felt shingle roof and roof lights, something not normally available with this type of roofing material. 


At Jon William Stables we pride ourselves on our unique features and innovative designs. If you have an idea or a feature you would like incorporated into your build, please feel free to challenge our design department. Get in touch with one of our staff today! Call us now on 01380 850 965, or fill out our contact form.

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