Does a Garage Add Value to a Home?

Timber Garage

With a home, arguably the most significant investment a person would ever make, looking for innovative ways to increase its value can provide massive returns.

Due to the recent pandemic transforming ways of living and working, people are now staying at home more than ever. Whether working from home or home schooling, the time spent at home has given many of us the chance to analyse our homes, areas, and interiors.

DIY projects, décor hacks, and alternative conversions are becoming more popular.

Garden landscaping, single or double storey expansions and garage conversion garage-to-room have become even more popular.

The garage and overhead door market will experience a spectacular increase in revenue over the following five years. A garage can increase the value of your property by between 5% and 10%, according to recent research. However, this only holds true for single garages; a double garage might increase the value by up to 20%!

As of March 2022, the average house price in the UK was £278,000, which is £24,000 more than in 2021 (a 9.8% increase!). Accordingly, a single garage might increase the value of your home by between £13,900 and £27,800!

The typical starting price for timber and wooden garages at Jon William Stables is less than £4,500, thus leading to massive returns on investment for you!

Benefits of a Timber Garage

A Timber and wooden garage is an excellent addition to your home because it can serve various purposes, including home offices, workshops, general storage, and vehicle storage.

Jon William Stables has a wealth of expertise in designing and constructing high-quality wooden garages and garage workshops, starting with utility buildings in 1965 and then broadening into our current comprehensive line of timber buildings.

Our wooden garages and workshops are all made to a remarkably high standard and are constructed with the same materials and methods as timber-framed houses.

Wooden or Concrete Garage?

Due to its storage capacity, the wooden garage enjoys a spike in favour throughout the United Kingdom. More people are deciding to build these garages near or around their homes to keep their cars safe and dry. The main reasons why you should consider investing in a Wooden Garage over a Concrete Garage are:

Authentic Style with Simple yet Durable Foundation

Only a single concrete slab can be the foundation for a Timber Garage. Because it is essential to distribute the car’s weight on the ground equally, a single concrete slab is necessary.

Foundations that can hold the weight of the walls are also necessary for heavier garages. Since concrete or metal garages are much heavier, they would need to have other foundations built, leading to higher costs.

Easy to Install

Compared to metal or concrete garage doors, timber garage doors are more genuine and rural. Since garages don’t require yearly maintenance like wooden structures, less maintenance, money, and time are needed as they can be updated and painted easily.

In contrast, a metal garage will show signs of flaking paint when maintenance is required. 

Effective Natural Insulator

Wooden garages are simpler to install and finish than any other material. If you choose to install it yourself, you may do so without too much difficulty throughout the weekend. However, for high durability and longevity, we highly recommend that a professional install them.

The same cannot be said for a concrete garage, as its construction, which includes an additional base, can take longer. Although installing a metal garage is likewise relatively simple, it takes longer due to the need for deep foundations.

Replacement of damaged parts can be done easily

Any damaged pieces of timber garage can be easily replaced. Its functioning can be restored if a section of it is affected by rot or other types of damage by replacing it with new pieces of wood.

As a result, timber and wooden garages can easily last 10 to 15 years if well-maintained. Your timber garage will last a lifetime if you use pressure-treated wood that has been adequately prepped for building. On the other hand, repairing a rusted or damaged metal shed is much more difficult.

Here at Jon William Stables, we understand that buying and installing a garage can sometimes be stressful and time-consuming, so why not let us do it for you!

Our timber garages and workshops are constructed to very high standards. Choose from one of our lovely, time-tested designs, or let us develop a custom design just for you. Call us now at 01380 850 965 or fill out our enquiry form today!


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