DIY Hacks for an Organised Garage and Workshop


It’s a shame it’s only like that for a couple of months, maybe even weeks if you’re like our family! We all try our best to keep garage and workshop areas as organised and clean as possible, but let’s face it, life never goes as planned.

Not to mention, equipment built to help keep your garage organised usually doesn’t run cheap, you might have to hand over a kidney for a portable toolbox these days! We love innovation and making life easier. For that reason, whenever we run across DIY organisation tricks our clients can use, we make sure to document them. Take a look at some of the storage and organising tricks we’ve seen used in wooden garages and workshops.

Foldup worktable

Make the most of your wooden garage or workshop space with a table that folds up and down from the wall. Simple to construct, you’ll need a piano hinge and two tee hinges, and plywood, (up to you to decide how big and tall you want it!). Use a hook and some string to keep it in place when folded up on the wall. Tip: build it next to an outlet!

DIY foldable garage table

Portable tool caddy

Here’s where we’ll save you some money! Don’t splurge on the massive toolbox, DIY! You can make it as simple or intricate as you want, making it with static shelves or pull out shelves. Install some wheels on the bottom and pegboards on the side where you can hang tools, baskets, etc.

Never lose another screw or bolt

With a heavy gauge muffin tin & pivot screw, you can organise your bolts and screws, so you never have to spend time looking for them again. Drill and countersink a 1/4-inch hole in the countertop, so the top of the screw is flush with the shelf. Place 1/4-inch fender washers above and below the rim of the muffin tin then tighten two nuts against each other on the underside so the threads won’t loosen.

nail organiser hack

Stop tripping over cords and hoses

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to unravel an extension cord! With a coat hook and plastic chain, you can easily hang your cords on the wall of your garage.

Easy access bin bags

Ahhh one of our favourites. Install a towel rack on the wall and simply put it through the centre of your bin bag roll. Simple yet makes life that much easier!

bin bag dispenser hack

Funnel twine dispensers

Keep unruly balls of twine in line with big aluminium funnels, which serve as organizers and dispensers. Hammer a nail through each funnel near the top lip, attaching it to the wall of your garage workshop. Place a ball of twine or string in each one; run the ends out the spouts.

Magnetic paintbrush holder

Build your own magnetic strip, or purchase one at a kitchen-supply store, then bolt it to your wall and voila! You have the perfect place to hang your paintbrushes. Make sure to hang them bristles down to minimise the amount of dust they collect. Tip: you can also store other metal tools this way!

Paint brush and tool holder


Be sure to keep checking back as we collect more DIY organization hacks for your garage!

Wooden Garages from Jon William Stables

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If you are considering a new wooden garage or workshop and would like to discuss your options, then call Jon William Stables on 01380 850 965 and let us help you to create something special.

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