Christmas Decoration Ideas for Horse Stables

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Horse Stables

It’s Christmas!!! You most likely already have your Christmas decorations up by now, but what about your four-legged friends? Why not decorate their home too? Spread the joy of Christmas!

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate with as many mini marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles as you desire and join us as we list our Christmas decoration ideas for your Horse Stables below!

Decoration Ideas for Horse Stables this Christmas

If this is your first year decorating the stables for Christmas, you have come to the right place for inspiration! So, let’s begin!

Wreaths – Equestrian wreath is the perfect way to express to your guests or those visiting your stables or barns how much you love your horses! It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply purchase an ordinary wreath and add equestrian-themed decorations.

Another great idea is to make an edible wreath for your horses full of delicious snacks such as carrots, apples, and their other favourite foods.

Veggies and Fruits – If you want to hang a safer version of baubles around the stable, then fruits and veggies are a way forward! Use plain Christmas ribbons to tie your carrots, parsnips, apples, and pears and hang them from the ceiling or on the walls but make sure that your furry friends can easily reach them.

Christmas Tree – If you are putting up a Christmas tree for your horses, ensure the tree is safe for them. Pine trees must be 100% avoided, whereas other trees such as Fraser, Noble, and spruces are safe to use but make sure they are not sprayed with any preservative chemicals that can harm horses.  Try not to add artificial baubles and use all-natural items such as fruits and veg for decorations. 

Tip– Avoid Mistletoes as they can be highly toxic to horses. They can cause gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues as well as breathing problems and even slow down the heart rate and cause seizures.

Christmas Lights and Garlands – These decorations will bring a magical touch to your stables but must be hung high up so that your horses cannot easily reach them for safety purposes.

Have you ever considered taking it further this Christmas and painting your horse stables with washable paint? This will allow you to express your creativity by painting specific Christmas themes on the door or walls of your stable. Once the festivities are finished, you can easily wash the paint away.

Dressing up your horse this Christmas?

If you are thinking of going one step further with the festivities, why not dress up your horses too? Whilst plating your horse’s mane and tail, you can add soft tinsel in the hair or around their neck.

If you really want your horse to stand out when you take him out for a walk, you can choose to use a Christmas-themed saddle pad, leg protection, fly bonnet and more!

With a bit of creativity and an eye toward safety, you and your furry friends can enjoy a very Merry Christmas this year. Let’s not forget that we also have an article on Christmas Treats for your Horses, where you can learn about safe and nutritional treats to spoil your horses even more this festive season.

Now’s your chance to get into the spirit of this magical holiday! We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration, and if you do choose to decorate your stables, why not share some pictures with us on our Facebook page!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Jon William Stables!

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