The ‘Carriage house’ name originates from large manors where owners stored their horse-drawn carriages in a timber-framed structure back in the day. Nowadays, it refers to garages that are detached from your home.

Designed to add character, convenience, practicality and value, carriage houses serve as a long-term solution to park your vehicles, but can additionally be used for storage space, log stores, rooms or offices, and can include enclosed or open bays.

With many years of experience, here at Jon William Stables, we can tailor a completely bespoke carriage house according to your requirements and the landscape of your property. We use high-quality timber - our projects are known for their reliability, efficiency and exceptional quality standards.
However, like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to be considered when it comes to carriage houses.

carriage house on property

Advantages of Carriage Houses

  • A Carriage house will last longer
  • Carriage houses add value to the property
  • A Carriage house serves as convenient parking for vehicles
  • It keeps vehicles dry all year round
  • It is stylish and aesthetically pleasing

A carriage house will protect your vehicles from all types of weather better than a carport is able to. Whether you require a home for your vehicles, extra storage space or guest room facilities, the carriage house is a great solution. 

Constructed using traditional features, carriage houses offer an attractive, practical and robust design. Additionally, decorative posts, curved bracing and roofing materials can be added to complement the traditional build.

Disadvantages of Carriage Houses

  • A Carriage house may need planning permission
  • It can sometimes require more space to install
  • It may require concrete foundations

Another option for you to consider is the carriage doors. Do you absolutely need them? It depends on your taste and if you already have a garage. Carriage doors can be installed with the assistance of a professional and add a unique appeal to the outside aesthetic of the home.

construction of a carriage house

Jon William Stables takes care of all so-called disadvantages by offering a full package of services, including planning permissions. So, it all comes down to the value you see for yourself in a carriage house and your priorities, as we will efficiently handle all the hassle for you. The bottom line is carriage houses serve long-term value as a great return on investment.

If you’d like to discuss your options and get a quote for a carriage house, please get in touch with Jon William Stables team on 01380 850 965.