Buying Field Shelters For Horses

mobile field shelters for horses

Field shelters can be handy mainly during harsh weather conditions where your horses require protection from the elements. It will also mean you can reduce their time indoors in the stables.

This article discusses what makes field shelters an excellent investment for you and your horses.

Stables and Field Shelter

Horses are either kept indoors in their stable or outside with access to a shelter.

Horses love being outdoors and are tough enough to endure the harshest weather. They still require basic needs, including plenty of space to graze, fresh water, and an excellent shelter to shade themselves from rain, wind, and heat. If you own a horse that spends most of its time outdoors, investing in a field shelter is a good idea to get them outside more.

However, in extreme weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, and wind or heat waves, it may be safer for your horses to be kept inside their stables, where they are protected and have all the basic needs within one space.

Nevertheless, field shelters come with several benefits. We have outlined some of these below:

1. Protects horses from inclement weather

As mentioned, field shelters provide protection and shelter for horses who like to stay outdoors. Ultimately, a field shelter aims to provide warmth and dryness during winter and shade during summer. It can also be used as an area for your horses to relax, rest and feed. 

2. Protection from flies and other insects during summer

Keeping flies, mosquitoes, and other insects away during summer can be tricky. Not only do they sting and bite horses, but they can also spread diseases.

With access to field shelters, horses can use them to get away and have some peaceful time from the annoyance flies, and insects can cause. Just remember to clean the shelter and ensure the area is dry regularly.

3. Quick build

Field shelters are usually quick and straightforward constructions. Mobile shelters don’t usually require any groundwork or planning permission. Compared to stables and other larger outbuildings, field shelters are quicker and easier to build.

Although field shelters are easy and quick to build, they must be sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather. If not, loosely built shelters may end up causing damage and injuries to you and your horses. Ensure that the field shelters are built using high-quality materials and by experienced builders.

Additionally, regular checks, cleaning, and maintenance will ensure its longevity.

At Jon William Stables, we ensure our field shelters and stables’ quality by using only the best quality materials. See here to find more details about our field shelter ranges!

4. Cost-effective

Mobile shelters can be a good investment and are known to be cost-effective as they can be moved to any area depending on their size with a suitable vehicle. Compared to other buildings, there is usually no need to worry about groundworks, concrete foundations, and planning consents.

Static vs Mobile Field Shelters

There are two main types of field shelters- Static Field Shelters and Mobile Field Shelters; each comes with many benefits, as highlighted above.

The main difference between the two is that the static shelters are fixed on the ground, whereas mobile shelters are flexible to move to different locations. Similarly, planning permission and additional groundwork are required to build a static field shelter, raising the cost slightly. Your needs, time, and budget determine which one you can invest in.

Ready to invest in a field shelter? Here are a few things you can start looking into:

1. Location your shelter will be kept
2. Size of the field shelter (depending on the number of horses you own)
3. Mobile or Static
4. Additional features (such as gutter, water supply, gate, and more)

At Jon William Stable, we provide a range of timber stables and field shelters, including static and mobile shelters. If we couldn’t answer your questions in this article above or you require more information, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01380 850 965.

Our team is always available and happy to help you build a sturdy, well-constructed field shelter that accommodates your needs and requirements.

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