Autumn Horse Care Tips for Horses

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The start of autumn brings a change in leaf colour and a chillier morning. It may also bring about changes in your horse’s temperament. Our horses need to make the appropriate seasonal adjustments, so getting your horses ready for this autumn is essential to keeping them warm and healthy. Here are some Autumn horse care tips to help guide you through this process!

Shelter & Stables

A well-positioned equestrian building, such as a high-quality stall, stable, or shelter that protects the horse from wind and keeps them warm while providing excellent ventilation for fresh air is highly recommended.

You can opt-in for several options when it comes to shelters, such as a mobile shelter which can be moved from one field to another, or you can settle for a static shelter.

Not sure what kind of shelter is best for you and your horses? Why not check out our earlier article that has all the tips you need for selecting the right field shelter

Autumn is also the perfect time to repair any damages to the buildings, fix lighting and water leaks, clear gutters, and overall ensure their home is comfortable and ready for the colder days.

Autumn feeding tips


Ensuring your horses have access to good quality feed is essential during autumn. However, fall pastures can contain high concentrations of sugar, which can contribute to equine colic and other metabolic issues. Alternating with quality hay and grains such as oats, corn, and barley can help avoid this.

Maintaining your horse’s health and weight by supplying additional supplements may also be necessary over the colder months. Keeping track of your horse’s body weight, feeding habits and health is recommended to ensure that you adapt to any alterations in your horse’s routine.


Water is essential in the colder months, especially as horses may not seek water as actively as they do in the summer. Providing easy access to warm water or offering them the option of a second bucket of water with electrolytes is recommended to encourage your horse to drink water.


Giving your horse enough exercise to maintain general health is essential, as horses can often hesitate to go outside due to the cold! It is generally recommended to include physical activity in the horse’s daily schedule for at least 30 minutes; you can walk or run during this time. Warm up by jogging, and don’t forget to cool down.

Hoof Care

In autumn, you must trim your horse’s hooves every 6 to 10 weeks to maintain good general health. It is also recommended to keep their hooves moist. This can be done by making a puddle where they can dip their toes.

Supplements containing biotin, amino acids, and other beneficial elements can also benefit your horse’s hooves during colder seasons.

Health Checks and evaluating nutrition

Some recommended advice to maintain your horse’s health are:

  • Regularly deworm your horse (once or twice a year)
  • Keep a basic first aid kit
  • Weighing and condition scoring your horse
  • As the fields become soggier, check the feet and legs for symptoms such as mud fever or abscesses.

With the cold temperatures coming soon during August, finding the proper shelter for your horse is more crucial than ever. If you’re looking to invest in a shelter or stable of the highest quality, why not have a look at our latest brochure or contact us?

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