Are you thinking about building a wooden garage?

winter wooden garage

While wooden garages can be a safe place to store your car, nowadays you can find much more creative, & diverse uses for your garden shed. If you are looking for a space to host yoga classes, perhaps a therapy room or crafting studios, we’ve got your back.

We firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all. We work closely with you to design a personalised solution with the features you require and what suits your property best. 

wooden garage

Why choose Wooden Garages over other types of garages?

  • Our garages are made to enhance your property and serve for a long time. Wooden garages are more environmentally friendly;
  • Unlike brick-built garages, a wooden garage is a versatile, aesthetic and extremely functional alternative;
  • Jon William Stables offers bespoke wooden garages tailormade to your desired features and design;
  • It takes a few days or weeks rather than months of work. Time and convenience are key when delivering client satisfaction;
  • There are different garage designs: hot box, deep pit, static to mention a few. We are happy to come up with a more suitable solution for your property whether you are after a big or small wooden garage.
  • Wooden garage doors are more resistant to dents than steel.

Are wooden garages waterproof?

While there is a choice between Lumber or Timber for your garage, we do recommend using a water-proofing topcoat or base layer. We also offer two different types of roof to ensure your wooden garage gets long-lasting protection against wind and rain.

Additionally, wooden construction provides adequate ventilation as well as saving energy by preserving heat.

wooden garage in yard

At Jon William Stables, you can rely on us for a turnkey service when it comes to your wooden garage. We deal with everything including planning permission, construction, plumbing, and electricity. The best part? Your garage is ready to use the day we leave the site. Having a company that does a full turnkey service saves the trouble of juggling multiple parties and gets the job done efficiently.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jon Williams Stables if you have any questions or require more information. We have other wooden garage options available.

If you’d like to discuss your options and get a quote, please get in touch with our experienced and friendly team on 01380 850 965; they will do all they can to accommodate your needs and deliver a wooden garage that matches your requirements perfectly.

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