A New Stable Yard – Part 3

New Stable Yard

The Final Act….

“Wow!” That was the response from my Mum when she first saw the stables and they weren’t even finished.

The project had begun about 6 months ago when we first moved into our new house and searched for a company who could build our new stables. Design and planning followed shortly after and then, when we had the green light to go ahead, it was ground work first transforming a green field into a building site.

Things progressed well and they finished after 3 weeks. Then we got the call from Jon William stables, they’d had to reschedule another job and wanted to start the build early. I couldn’t believe it, my dream yard was getting closer to reality.

First build day

On the first build day, everything happened so fast. In such a short time, we had the framework in place including fronts and backs, secured to the concrete with a special metal strip to prevent movement (a very tidy system). At the end of the day, I could stand in each stable and just imagine what the finished yard would be like.

Days 2 and 3

On day 2 and 3 the roof went on, with a clear panel in each section to maximise the use of natural light. Then nothing much happened but I think that was all the internal stuff, until finally the doors went on and guttering was attached, in a remarkable six days, one stable yard was complete.

Well, I say complete, Jon William stables had done their bit, we now needed to add the extras.

Finishing touches

First rubber matting, then all the hooks and tie rings. The electrician and plumber followed shortly afterwards, then the fencing and yard gate. Finally a trip to the garden centre and few new pots to give it that homely feel, and “Wow!” one completely new stable yard.

I say “Wow!” because although I’ve spent the last six months in various states of excitement and anxiety, not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined ever having such a beautiful yard for my horses.

The stables feel spacious, we have maximised the light and they are airy. Although I wasn’t sure about the special vents incorporated into the Jon William stable design, they have definitely created a more comfortable environment for the horses.

The talk bars allow them to socialise and the shelters give us space to change rugs, brush down and tack up. We have a his and hers, one shelter for me and one for my husband, yes, that was his idea, he’s the practical one!

Last Sunday I spent the day adding tiles to the surround on my new tack room sink. You may think that’s a bit of a luxury, but when you’ve got what feels like the best stable yard in the world – why not!

I’d like to finish my blog with a big shout out to the team at Jon William Stables, you have been by my side every step of the way, and I’m really looking forward to our stable opening party this weekend – a chance to share your great work with all my friends, and of course, you’ll be my guests of honour – thanks!

Petra Ingram

Patron of the Haflinger Society of GB

With Jon William Stables, theres no fussing about – when we’re done with a job, it’s move in ready. Full ‘turnkey’ service provided with planning permission, construction, plumbing, and electricity. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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