6 Reasons to Love Horse Riding in Autumn

horse riding in a fiend in autumn

We think that autumn is probably the best time of the year for horse riding. What’s better than riding through woods or a trail enjoying the beautiful scenery full of colourful red, orange, and yellow leaves.

Here are some reasons you should be just as excited as we are about horse riding in autumn!

1. Autumn has the perfect temperature for riding horses

Horse riding in sizzling hot summer can get us feeling too hot and bothered, and riding in the freezing cold temperature in winter can make things a little unbearable.

Autumn brings just the right temperature for horse riding- not too hot and not too cold, just perfect! The chill air in autumn creates an inviting and pleasant environment for both you and your horses. You can both get a good workout without being too concerned about getting sunburn or suffering from a cold, runny nose.

2. Less flies and bugs

Unlike in summer, there will be no more flies, insects, and bugs to pester your horses and swarm you while riding.

Riding in autumn means no more mosquito bites, no bees or wasps to scare you and your horses, no fly repellent or uncomfortable and itchy bites to treat afterward.

3. Less dust in the air

In autumn, the air becomes moist and clearer, so you get to enjoy better quality air while riding. There is also less pollen in the air, meaning you do not have to worry about the endless sneezes, runny or blocked noses, and watery eyes due to hay fever.

4. Less busy trails

With the cooler weather and the holiday season over, there will be fewer people around the woods and trails. No more hikers or bikers to bother you and your horses. You both will have more room and plenty of space to enjoy the ride and the outdoors.

Do keep in mind autumn is a hunting season. Remember to wear bight clothing or a hi-vis vest to keep and your horse visible.

5. Beautiful scenery

Riding in the woods enjoying the amazing scenery full of bright orange, yellow, and red colours of fall can make the experience so much pleasant and enjoyable.

Why not head over to a national park nearby or plan a competitive long-distance riding between your friends?

It is also a great time to try riding through different trails as it will be less busy, which means a more calming and more relaxed environment for you and your horse.

6. Autumn equestrian fashion

Get your favourite chunky sweaters, thick, cosy leggings, fuzzy socks, and scarfs out, and complete it with a stylish gilet and long boots. Autumn riding outfits can be so much fun to put together and very stylish!

Here are some things to look out for when horse riding in autumn:

• Maintaining your horse’s coat growth

• Keep an eye out for muddy puddles, and get your waterproof boots out.

• Remember, the sun sets earlier in autumn

• Be prepared for windy and rainy days

• Store your hay carefully and check for mould regularly

• Routine changes for horses should be done slowly and gradually to avoid stress

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that autumn is the best horse-riding season, and you are as excited as we are to get the riding boots out and explore places with your horse. If you do, why not share a picture of you and your horse with us on our Facebook page here. We would love to see them!

Remember, high-quality and sturdy stables are crucial to keeping your horses safe during colder seasons. If you are looking to upgrade your equestrian building or looking to build a brand new living space for your horses, why not talk to our equestrian building experts at Jon William Stables? Simply call 01380 850965, or send us an email at sales@j-w-s.co.uk today!

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