5 Ways to Make Your Workshop Feel Bigger


A small workshop combined with furniture and tools can make your space feel cramped, cluttered, and a little uncomfortable to work in. Today, we share our top five tips on how you can make your workshop or garage feel a little bigger and better!

For those who own a small workshop, working on projects can be a little challenging due to the limitation of space and less flexibility. However, it is not impossible to make your current workshop feel and look a little larger.

One of the key terms you will find everyone repeating is “organisation.” The way you store your tools can, in fact, help a lot when it comes to having a spacious workstation, but what else can you do?

Here are our top five tips:

1. Painting your walls white or other bright colours
Painting your walls white works great if you are looking to make your space feel larger. A building with dark wood or paint can make the entire space feel a little dim and gloomy, and no one likes working in such an environment. White walls can make your space look a bit brighter, tidy, and clean.

For those concerned about the white walls getting dirty quickly, you can try neutral colours like beige, natural blues, or green. Ceilings, however, can be kept white; you just need to make sure it doesn’t clash with the colour you choose for your walls.

2. Organise, organise, organise!
No matter how large or small your workshop is, a poorly organised workstation can make everything look less spacious. From your tools and scarp materials to furniture and electronics, make sure everything has its rightful place and is organised well. You also might want to invest in a cleverly designed storage rack or a wall shelf to keep all your tools in one space.

#Tip– Rather than leaving the waste materials and used goods lying around, get a large bin to keep everything you would like to recycle at the end of the day, such as extra plywood, broken tools, used sandpaper, etc.

3. Install good lighting
Keep your workstation nice and bright with good lighting. It will make your space brighter and will even make working on specific tasks easier. To top that, it will allow good visibility, which can help prevent accidents.

Having a good window that allows plenty of daylight and good ventilation is also necessary. An open window and/or natural light make your workspace feel more open. Exposure to daylight and fresh air can even positively impact your productivity.

4. Buy space-saving tools and furniture
A portable or foldable workbench can be a lifesaver. Get a lightweight and adjustable workbench with a sturdy build and solid base. It should also have different features and be versatile to help you get on with several projects.

The L-shaped corner workbench is also another great space-saving option. It is not only easy to maintain but can add a certain sophistication and flexibility to your workshop. You can even save extra space by installing shelves on the wall above it to store all your additional tools.

5. Make your furniture and tools mobile
Adding mobile bases and casters on your furniture and tools is not just a great idea but also a necessity for those who own smaller workshops and garages. Mobile bases often come with brakes, so if needed, you can keep your tools in one set position, allowing you greater flexibility and efficiency.

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