Do you have a wooden garage facing its first winter? We love wooden structures, but we also know the care they require and how important it is to maintain your wooden garage to ensure it serves you well for many years.

Harsh weather from the winter season does not work in favour of wooden constructions. It can easily damage your garage unless you have thought it through.

At Jon William Stables, we normally advise our customers on high-quality timber to use to ensure a robust and long-lasting wooden structure. The correct timber helps to prevent the internal temperature dropping too much, making sure your wooden garage remains insulated. You won’t have to worry about being late to work because you have to wait for the car to defrost!

If you need any advice on a good quality wooden building that will provide sufficient insulation, or are looking for one personalised for you, please get touch with Jon Williams Stables on 01380 850 965.

Let’s go through the checklist that will help you on your wooden garage maintenance mission.

  1. First things first, check for damage. It is important that you take the necessary repair works in the early stages of any issue occurring. Periodically inspecting your wooden garage for any cracks or holes in the walls and roof, can prevent potential problems in the winter. Also check gaps among the wooden logs, as you don’t want cold air entering your wooden garage. Address any issues found immediately. Reach out to Jon William Stables – we can help!
  2. Don’t forget about the floor. Normally the roof is the first thing you check, meaning the floor easily gets overlooked. A damaged floor can lead to waterlogging and we want to avoid that. Also checking the drainage system won’t hurt, as the water used for washing the car must flow out of the garage, so checking for blockages and damage is recommended.
  3. Windows and doors. Wooden window and door frames require regular maintenance to keep them in a functional condition. These are likely culprits for unwanted gaps and damage through normal usage and general wear and tear.
  4. Get your paintbrush out. Adding a protective coat of appropriate paint or varnish to the roof and walls of your wooden garage can help it get winter-ready. When choosing the paint product, make sure it is suitable for the type of timber that your wooden garage has. Or ask Jon Williams Stables for some help!
  5. Does your garage have ventilation? That’s right, it may sound odd considering temperature protection, but that’s where professionals step in to get you sorted. Not having the correct ventilation in your wooden garage can increase humidity levels inside, which can provoke the growth of fungus. So, if you live in a rainy or snowy area, a proper ventilation system should be installed in your wooden garage. 

Like any property, wooden garages need regular inspection and maintenance throughout the year. If done properly and maintained on a regular basis, your wooden garage will serve you for many years. We have been in the industry for over 50 years, and wooden garages are what we do best.

If you’d like to prepare your wooden garage for winter, please get in touch with Jon Williams Stables team on 01380 850 965 today! Don’t wait for the snow to fall; get proper maintenance in place for your wooden garage.