In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the differences in American Barn stables vs traditional stables. Here we are going to discuss why is it so great to have an American barn in the summertime!

Most of us would agree that the best thing about American Barns is that everything can be under one roof. Tackle rooms, wash area, feeding, saddling up, can all be done in your American barn. What does this mean in the summer months? You get to stay out of the sun for the most part and don’t have to waste energy running about with everything in one central location.

Another great thing about American Barns in the summertime is that you can design them to provide great airflow, allowing you to enjoy a nice summer breeze on hot days. At Jon William Stables we always recommend installing a top rear door and louvre combination on internal American barn stabling. This allows you the option of fully open windows where your horse can stick their head out and will still allow for air flow when the door is closed.

rear door in american barn with louvre window combination

Even though you are inside a barn, there are features that can be included that will make you feel as if you are out in the open. Build your American barns with double doors on each end of the barn. When they are both open in the summertime you get the added bonus of feeling like you are still outside, yet happy and cool in the shade with a nice breeze pulling through the barn! You can also design your American barn with a polycarbonate roof to let all the natural sunlight in, without taking the full force of the summer sun.

poly-carbonate roof in an american barn

There are many reasons why American barns are great for summertime. Not to mention they are great for your horse’s health - being under one roof helps with their herd mentality, rather than being separated when stabled, but they are a great addition to your property!

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american barn bespoke built

At Jon William Stables we are able to design and manufacture various American Barn layouts. Built bespoke to your needs, each of our barns come with delivery and construction within 50 miles of our workshops are provided. For more information or to start planning your new American Barn please contact our sales team with your requirements on 01380 850 965.